Yi Hsieh gorgeous patterns…

Yi Hsieh gorgeous patterns…
8 July, 2009 Chocolate Creative

I LOVE Yi’s patterns, they are made into beautiful dresses! I Know how much work has gone into them and I just wish she would make a few units and sell them!! I would love to have one of them!! But lets get back to the patterns, the black pencil and brush drawings and marks, the different thickness and textures of the lines against the blue and salmon pink washes, absolutely gorgeous!!

I have seen a great comeback to hand drawing in the shows, I was a bit concerned that people went all digital and forgot about the real skills. I studied Fine Art, subjects such as painting, drawing, sculpture, design, etc…I am very glad to see that there is a trend to continue learning the traditional skills.

In her words…Incidentally I encountered a deserted village during my trip to eastern Taiwan; I met no one but some dragonflies and rows of dilapidated house.
The loneliness was overwhelming, but I knew at that moment, I fell in love with the old and solitary ruins. Its isolation took me away from the contemporary world. I felt myself walking in a fading memory, so surreal, so sentimental.
Time withered its appearance; however it is the imperfection that creates its beauty.
This is a collection about the ageing facts and flaws.
It embraces the confusion of memory and imaginary.
There is no sense of real time.
The journey led me travelling backward toward the past, and picked up the very moments of good old times.

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  1. Rachel 15 years ago

    oh wow, talk about uniqueness:)

  2. Yi's work was one of my absolute favourites at the degree show, brilliant!

  3. Yolksy 15 years ago

    These are amazing! I have been obsessing over illustrations and have been dying to see them on fabrics! The colors are incredible! I want to buy some fabric now! Is that possible?!

  4. how can i find the website of Yi's work???

    • Hello Tessa,
      I dont know where to find it, I saw her work at her degree show at the time, maybe google her name?

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