30 October, 2013 Chocolate Creative
Continuing as promised with the Woonbeurs posts, here we have another house, this time created by the Dutch magazine Ariadne at Home. On the picture above I am with my sister Carmen on the left, and my friend Nadya on the right. We were so taken by the cosiness and lightness of this house, a bit girly and romantic at some stuff, but very simple and perfect at others. I so much want the tiles, the most beautiful I have never seen…and I relaly liked the simplicity of the furniture, vintage, with plenty of wood and natural linens, wild flowers, etc… 

I felt so cosy and confortable in the huge kitchen that I didn’t want to leave. I closed my eyes and pretended that I was in my house, cooking and entertaining my family and friends…Loved the victorian style displays for my trays and plates and the open shelves to have everything well kept but at hand. Do you like this house style? 

Photos by me

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  1. Preciosa!!! Y efectivamente los suelos una maravilla.

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