28 October, 2013 Chocolate Creative

kitchen corner, styling with plants
Hello everybody, back to Monday and a very busy week. A few weeks ago I went to Amsterdam to visit Woonbeurs, an interiors fair that I have been wanted too see for years. I was very attracted to it, as the concept was very different to the fairs I am used to, which are more design/designer stands and trade focus. I was very curious to see how each of the magazines that compose the Sanoma publishing group displayed their interiors ideas. Basically each magazine creates a house from scratch, and fill it with the most gorgeous products, furniture, etc… 
I so much loved it, the houses, the ideas, the atmosphere, the restaurants and cafes. They do everything with so much love and care, down to the last detail. My sister joined me from Germany, and my friend from Spain, we had a really good time looking around, and of course took photos of some of my products which were used in some of the houses. 
Needless to say that I was over the moon when I saw my casas wooden pencil holder at the 101 Woonideen house, this doesn’t happen everyday haha…One of my latest stockist in the Netherlands, the lovely Sandra form Accessorize your Home lent it for the fair. 

This photos are from the 101 Woonideen house, a very colourful and fun space, with many things and practical ideas, my photos don’t make justice to the real house! I will post about the rest of houses next. Well done Woonbeurs for putting together such a great event, maybe some of the UK based fairs could look at them for inspiration and perhaps start offering something a bit more unique and interesting?

Photos by me

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  1. You're welcome! :)) I was also very proud that they have used products from my shop for the lovely house of 101 Woonideeën.

  2. So glad you encouraged me to hop on the plane Margarita-loved it! Will plan in advance next yer! xx

  3. Caroline, I hope we meet there next year, I am happy you enjoyed as much as I did.

  4. Qué maravilla… ^^

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