Wishing you a sunny weekend

Wishing you a sunny weekend
21 June, 2013 Chocolate Creative

It is hot and sunny over here, but just the right temperature, not very hot, just pleasant, hot enough to be on the beach and to seat to draw some cactus and plants that my mother has outside the house. I don’t tend to go to the beach before 4pm, as I am very concern about the sun and my skin. I had a mole removed a few years ago from my arm, and my complexion has changed lots since I moved to London fifteen years ago, so needless to say that people think I am foreign due to my luck of tan…haha…

Coming to Gran Canaria, doesn’t mean holidays to me, I just carry on with what I was doing in London, but in a more relaxed way. Having this amazing weather and the beach near by, makes a huge difference. I have been super busy, working towards my next trade show, TENT LONDON, updating the website, sewing and making bags and purses with my mother, meeting creative people over here and organising work. Today I have finally started to draw some plants, I have this idea in my head for the next collection, but very little time to play with it. 

Listening to my old The Cure album, a classic, I have always loved this band. Chair I got for €7, I know, I couldn’t believe it when I saw it in a second hand market, here in the South of the island. Vintage hawaiian shirt €3 tacky but I love it, goes well with my yellow scarf, new bags with neon straps and flip flops.

Have and amazing weekend, I hope weather is good where ever you are, it makes such a difference in our lives…I am off to the capital to meet some friends and collect some leather straps for the new bags. See you on Monday!

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  1. Same here. I used to live almost on the beach from Eastern to late September and I am perfectly fine no with not having a perfect tan in June. But we have a long weekend and I will get some sum too!
    I like the dots a lot. Where is the colored from?

  2. Hello Gudy,
    I guess you mean the wall hooks? they are from my collection, they come in different colours and designs, shop at: https://chocolatecreative.co.uk/. Enjoy the beach, I am off to my friend's swimming pool for lunch, i can't complain!

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