14 August, 2012 Chocolate Creative
Back in London in my small sunny house in the South East part of the city, I have been visiting friends out and around London, and taken things slower, enjoying the Summer and having some quality time with friends that I don’t get to see as often as I wish. Last week I had a wonderful time up in Norwich, (I love this city and the surroundings), where my friend Kate lives with her family, Jack and daughters Ella and Alice. We met many years back while studding textiles and used to share a studio, but Kate became a wonderful mum and decided to raise the kids in Norwick, (totally the right decision). Now that the girls are a bit older, Kate Read and friend, Ruth Cooper are embarking in a new adventure, Cooper & Read, a bakery heaven, ( I have tried some of their cakes and can give credit of how yummy they are). If you are in Norwich or near by, read their blog for news and updates on markets dates. Good luck COOPER&READ, save some cakes for me…


I love her approach to living, KEEP IT REAL, her house is full of beautiful things, mixed up with dolls and toys spread all over the house, (two kids playing full time haha…), she has acquired some very nice pieces of furniture over the years, from her mum and different markets. LOVE the white vases collection against the graphic’s movie poster, the new kitchen, ceramics, etc…

 The blue staircase is very nice, together with the most loved cuddly dog in the house – needless to say that he has seen better days – and the messy cabinet, I like her style, who says you can’t have a stylist beautiful house once you start having children? Her house is a good example of how to create a simple, lived in, personal and cosy home without having a huge budget but good ideas and of course plenty of style.

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  1. i love your photos, they look really good.

  2. What a great discovery your blog is, Margarita! Thanks for stopping by at my blog. Now I am off to check out more of your blog and shop!

  3. Cakes look yummy, time to treat myself….

  4. Hello all, thanks for visiting my blog, I am off to check yours.

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