Where chocolate creative happens…

Where chocolate creative happens…
3 November, 2010 Chocolate Creative
As some of you may know, I run chocolate creative from home, I do all the work involved in the running of the business from here. I should not say it but sometimes I start the working day in my pyjama, wrap some breakfast, do some Pilates exercises and jump on the computer, the day goes by so quickly, that sometimes gets to lunch time and I am still in the same clothes!
I have a small studio upstairs, with almost all I need to produce my work, but sometimes gets a bit claustrophobic, due to the amounts of hours I spend in it, so I have decided to set a desk in the living room, where I can do mainly admin, emailing, updating shops, blogging, etc…specially in the evening, (days are becoming very short), when I feel like watching a bit of TV, but can still keep working, play with Missi, have dinner and last collapts in my comfy sofa!!
Piero took these beautiful photos of my new working space, I LOVE it!!

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  1. So simple yet perfect!

  2. Sweet, cosy and inspiring. Perfect!

  3. Ideal!!!! Amo las pequeñas cosas 🙂

  4. Lovely workspace

  5. it's really nice to see your work space … it's lovely.

  6. Mrs M 14 years ago

    I love it too! Looks cool! xxx

  7. thanks for your visit and your comment … you have a beautiful working place, full of light and I am sure very inspiring …

  8. Hazel 14 years ago

    Wow! can I work here please? It's a beautiful workspace.

  9. Beautiful! It looks very inspiring. I could do with something like this in my house…

  10. Ohhh so beautiful… I'm found of these mugs too.. do you dram them???

  11. oy me toca a mi pedir 🙂 puedo sacar tu estudio???? besitos mil y feliz día!!!!

  12. hoy me toca a mi pedir 🙂 puedo sacar tu estudio???? besitos mil y feliz día!!!!

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