Wells next the Sea

Wells next the Sea
4 August, 2009 Chocolate Creative

We seized the warm weather on Saturday to take a trip to the seaside at Wells next the sea on the North Norfolk coast. It’s all terribly English and a great day out! Fish n Chips, wasps, ice-creams and paddling. Had the urge taken us we could’ve gone out to see the seals on a boat or gone mackeral or crab fishing. The harbour wall is littered with enthusiastic children with buckets of tiddly crabs caught by line and bacon!

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  1. Edward 15 years ago

    Lovely pictures. I remember visiting a little village just next to Cromer during my early teens. It's a delightful area of England with some of the best beaches. Still, one can't beat the North West coast for sunsets.

  2. I love this place. We spent our honeymoon there. Did you make it up to Holkam? gxx

  3. Gosh!! England coast is so beautiful!! Kate please you need to take this Spanish woman to that beach when I am next in Norwich, so when I go back to Spain I can say that I have been in the paradise back in the UK!!
    Lovely photos.

  4. Hola!!!he descubierto tu blog a traves de decor8 y me ha parecido muy curioso que vivas en Peckham…yo estuve viviendo en Peckham durante 2 años y ahora estoy de vuelta en España…conoces el Pub Rye Hotel?? yo estuve trabajando alli!!!

  5. We often go to Holkham, it's a really beautiful beach. When I was pregnant i go stuck in the mud there, wearing very inappropriate shoes. It looks beautiful in photos but it is often incredibly cold, wild and windy, so Marga if you're coming to visit..it won't be like Spain!

  6. oh my goodness!! These images are lovely. I especially love the rows of colorful beach cottages…

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