Urban jungle book – for plants lovers

Urban jungle book – for plants lovers
27 October, 2016 Chocolate Creative

Bloggers Judith and Igor, founders of the Urban Jungle Blog, have created a very inspiring book called “Urban Jungle” about how to bring nature indoors and care for your plants. The book features trips to green homes across Europe, with many tips and plants profiles, as well as plant styling ideas with the help of 18 Urban Jungle Bloggers.

I have always loved having indoor plants, not only because they make our homes more beautiful and bring an element of nature inside, but because it fills my need of caring for something small that needs love and attention. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have learned much over the years, as the poor plants in my house don’t seem to last very long or look very healthy and happy.

To me this is not a trend – having a big collection of plants in the house – (I dislike this word VERY VERY much), but a going back to traditions and how we have always lived, at least in Spain. I remember living in our different houses and always having plenty of plants scattered around the house, in the patio, attic, corridors hanging from the ceiling, etc…Over the Summer I decided to take all the cactus/succulents outside in the garden, as they were looking pretty sad and were dying, and I am happy to report that they seem to have gained life again. They are now back inside as our Winters are too cold – I really hope they will continue to grow and keep me company.

Plants, flowers, pets, art, travel finds, family heirlooms, etc…make up for an unique home, it always surprises me when I enter a house that is just a plain space filled with the same colour and style range of furniture, nothing really stands up, as if there is not life in that space. A while ago I met someone who said, that she didn’t like any of these things, specially house plants or pets as she didn’t have time to care for them, too much fuss she said…Oh well, as much as I respect her views on how we choose to live in our homes, I still recommend a house filled with loved things, including plenty of greens and animals to look after, I am sure life is much richer and fulfilling this way!

Looking forward to getting a copy of this book, you can order your copy in either English or German. Happy living with your jungle at home, and if you have any tips about how to keep your plants looking good and alive, and would like to share it with me and the others, please leave a comment, I will much appreciate it!

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