Tracy Nors handmade treasures…

Tracy Nors handmade treasures…
11 August, 2009 Chocolate Creative

As promised yesterday here are some picks on Tracy’s work…A little introduction about this talented English lady living in Denmark. She uses photography, and textile approaches as well as the more traditional methods of painting and drawing. The paper-mache vessels are made of recycled magazines from 1940’s to 1970’s and also old damaged books. She uses a layered as opposed to a pulp method to make them. For her lighting projects she use recycle chandeliers from charity shops, and old quilt fabrics…


…Much of my work revolves around themes of childhood, and memories.
My recent photography project ‘Re-told Tales’ attempts to visually capture some of the stories and memories we all have from our childhood. Some are personal interpretations of much loved stories such as ‘The Princess and the Pea’ by Hans Andersen. Others are things I remember doing from my own childhood, like playing musical chairs.
The dolls and toys used for this project were bought on the internet a couple of years ago. The celuloid dolls from the 1950’s were my starting point for this. They are in lovely condition with all original clothing and amusing facial expressions and because all four look similar, they work well together in my depictions.
Most of the props, were made by hand, including all of the bedding for princess and the pea, and the bunting. I only use vintage or recycled materials in my work.
Re-told Tales is an ongoing project which I will be adding to and developing further.
I hope to see this pieces in more galleries, including London, so people can appreciate the amazing work that was into each of them, as well as learning about old loved things and recycling. If you would like to win one of this give away posters visit her blog for more information!!

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad I found you/you found me – I think we move in similar circles because I visited you the other day through Tracey Nors and wrote to her, then sweet sweet life posted on you and Tracey… small world!
    I love your doll cushions by the way!

  2. One word: wow!

  3. Jenn 15 years ago

    groovey makes me want to try paper mache again

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