Today I am dreaming of…

Today I am dreaming of…
10 February, 2011 Chocolate Creative
…London is still grey and wet, still a few more months of rain, no SUN, and not venturing into my garden…so I can only dream of being back home, in a sunny terrace by the back of the house, surrounding by my cats, maybe 1 dog, my vegetables and flowers, a big studio and most important, all share with my gorgeous man. This picture says it all for me, simple, conformable and down to earth, this is how I picture my live in Gran Canaria. These visions are what keep me going through English Winters…What about you? What motivates you through these cold months?

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  1. mmmmmm cómo me gusta! me encantaría estar en esas tumbonas con vistas y olor a mar…

    muy muy feliz día!

  2. Hawaii is a good spot for me.

  3. Why don't you live in Gran Canaria all the time or is that a silly question?

  4. PS you set up a vintage shop and I will supply you with vintage french treasures – lol 🙂

  5. Oh I don't envy you! Just got back from a lovely time in La Palma. You're right, it is still so beautiful and unspoiled!

  6. Geri 13 years ago

    you´ve done it! … fotos grandes … por fiiiin! xxx

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