Thomas Kleibrink beautifull GLOBE shop

Thomas Kleibrink beautifull GLOBE shop
17 July, 2009 Chocolate Creative

Las Saturday I went to see Thomas, (, at his beautiful GLOBE shop in Camden Passage in Angel, and as usual could not resist to buy something!! He has got a bit of everything, it is like a box full of surprises, my favorite are the cups and sources from Bavaria in Germany. Thomas is lovely, he is ever so friendly and loves talking, (he speaks a bit of Spanish so that is nice!!) and explaining about his finds.

As he put it…I have always loved antiques and vintage stuff because I feel things were better made and designed! For example if you look at a fine porcelain cup from the 1950,s the rim of the cup gets thinner towards the top, which. Makes it nicer to drink from! Glasses are delicate and well balanced.

The shop mainly covers the periods from 1930s-1970s. I love to sell elegant and quirky pieces for the modern vintage home, to people who are left uninspired by bland goods on the highstreet.

So if you fancy a bit of uniqueness and great stuff, pay him a visit, you won’t be disappointed, he will source things for you, help you to put together a weeding list, giftvouchers, etc…

I am saving some money to go back to GLOBE soon…

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