Things I like…

Things I like…
29 January, 2011 Chocolate Creative
Some of my designs, old victorian baby dresses and laces…I hang things I like on the wall, specially when working on new collection or designs.

(photos by chocolate creative)

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  1. Lovely, I like vintage baby dresses too.

  2. Laura 13 years ago

    Lovely items! I like to hang up inspiring items too – I actually have three lines strung across the wall above my workspace for inspirational photos, fabrics, patterns, and some of my favorite personal creations.

  3. Chocolate tienes un Stylish Blogger Award por tu preciosa tienda!!!!

    Miles de besitos

    pd: y me chifla este post!!!

  4. Love the idea of hanging up inspirational fabrics etc – and love the deer print!

  5. What a sweet collection. They look great together

  6. Me gusta el aspecto que has creado con la composición, se nota además que lo usas como inspiración.

  7. Oh these are just fabulous- what a beautiful intuition you have…love it!

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