The Narrow House by FORM studio

The Narrow House by FORM studio
9 December, 2015 Chocolate Creative

The Narrow house is a beautiful renovation project by FORMstudio. The architects have converted a terrace building dating back to the late 19th century into a light calm oasis in the middle of the city.

London is getting extremely crowded, and the housing situation is becoming a very difficult problem to solve.
Although I am not particularly in favour of converting old office/commercial properties into residential use, somehow we have to find a balance in this ever growing capital. Well, if you have the budget, projects like this are worth it. The conservation and renovation of an existing building is going to be always better than building a new one from scratch, specially in a city with such an amazing architectural heritage.

The space calls for simplicity over luxury, natural materials, neutral colours, unique art, handmade furniture and home wares…A good example would be the Folklore shop look, see below.

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Project by FORM studio | Photos by Bruce Hemming

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