Thanks to all the artists and blogger community out there

Thanks to all the artists and blogger community out there
6 August, 2009 Chocolate Creative

I agree with Nina and many other artists/bloggers of how important Internet has become in terms of communication and a good way of gaining exposure in general. It has been through it that I have got to learnt so much about all this artists spread all over the world, abut their work, studios, inspirations, future projects etc…First of all to thank the amazing community of bloggers out there, who support craft, hand made design and art in general. They have became the new media. I can’t thank enough to Holly from the lovely and always inspirational Decor8 for having me over at her blog, it has been such a pleasure to show my home and to talk about the things I like and inspire me.
Chocolate Creative blog is not only about what we create (Kate and me, Marga), is about everything we love. We very much like to support other designers, so it is like a window open to all the amazing work we get to see every day.

To all of you thanks!!

I couldn’t help to post this photo, Leni, my niece back in Spain, we were celebrating my mother’s 70 Birthday, she had so much fun eating the cake, we kept taking pictures and laughing about how spontaneous and funny she was.

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  1. Yolksy 15 years ago

    Love all your kind words, you're such an inspiration! And that picture of your neice is adorable! So uninhibited, it's fabulous!

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