Thanks for visiting me at my stand at 100% Design

Thanks for visiting me at my stand at 100% Design
28 September, 2011 Chocolate Creative
Did you visited 100% Design or any other events during the London Design Week? It has been amazing. I never knew that the fair was so international, there were stands from different countries as far as Chile and Argentine, or as near as my dear Spain. I got to meet people from all over the world, Europe, Middle East, Japan, China, Canada, the States etc…as I was exhibiting I did not have the chance to do my usual round to the other shows and pop up events, only took a brief look at Tent when designers were still setting up stands. So will pop around blogs to get a better inside of what was going on. As for me, I am glad show is over, 100% Design ended on Sunday and I have not stopped since them. It has been a very good show, more than I could have ever expected or predicted, but tiring, 4 days is enough!! I want to thank everybody who came to say hello, from my lovely friends, to people I knew, and general public and trade visitors that took interest in the brand and its products. You all have made me feel very welcome and happy to be at the fair. Here are some photos of the stand, Vini and I set it up last week, I could have not done it without him, for ever grateful my dear friend.

Below some photos of my neighbor stand the nice and talented couple from pottinger and co, and some other that caught my eye, there were many more wonderful and talented designers, but I hardly moved away from my stand, so no chances of taken photos or so ever.

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  1. Your stand looks lovely and I'm pleased it went so well for you, I was wondering…

  2. Looks amazing!!

  3. congratulations on a great stand, good to hear it was a success. I only had time to visit Tent this year (v. disappointing i thought) wish I had chosen 100% instead, maybe I'll take the plunge and take a stand next year!

  4. It looks amazing Margarita! So pleased it went well for you, I'm sorry I didn't make it along, I was thinking of you and hope to see you soon

  5. thanks for the comments, they mean a lot, I was not sure about the stand layout till I saw it up. I had such a small space.

  6. Me encantan tus diseños y tu stand quedó genial.

  7. Qué bonito Marga!!!!! Ya me dijeron nada más llegar 🙂 Un besito

  8. Anonymous 13 years ago

    I looks amazing Marga! Really beautiful! Kate xxxxxx

  9. Precioso sitio Marga, y preciosa feria…. seguro que has visto cosas curiosísimas….

    Por cierto… mi abuela es también de La Palma, de Breña Baja….jejejeje… se estrecha el círculo canario….jajajaja

  10. looked great! unfortunately I only managed to go to see Tent this year and have to agree wasn't that amazed…well done!

  11. Lynne 13 years ago

    I didn't make it this year but hope it went well Marga! And LOVE those hooks; they are amazing!

  12. GORGEOUS! Congratulations!

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