15 April, 2013 Chocolate Creative
Good morning from sunny London, at last!! I managed to have breakfast this morning in my garden wearing sunglasses. I had a slow start, to recover from the Tea Party we had yesterday, to celebrate my glorious 42. Uff…I feel the age in every inch of my body, not to mention my foggy brain. I had an amazing time with all my friends, (some couldn’t make it, shame as I don’t know when budget and time will allow for a party like this again). It was a proper tea party, thanks to my friend Carmen, who was in charged of the food and cakes, and rest of friends who helped to decorate, do washing up, serve, etc…she will be soon opening her own tea room in Santander, Spain and did an amazing job. There is not way I could have done this by myself, first of all I don’t know how to bake, each time I have tried, my cakes did not raise and stay to floor level…Clean and tide up the house, shopping, make myself presentable, etc…so from here I want to thank all my people who helped me and who were here with me to celebrate another year in London
I had a quiet morning to think of my 42 years of life. There are a lot of things that are not ideal in my life, most difficult one, is not having my family an boyfriend with me, we are all spreaded in 4 different countries, and that is very hard at times. I don’t get to see my nieces growing, kiss my man, hug my mum, spend time with my brother and sister, etc…but I am still very happy in London, plus I have a big reason to stay here, my business, my friends, and the city itself. One day, I will return home, but will hope to keep a base in London. Life is difficult and a roller coaster, and happiness is just a feeling that we experience in certain moments in time, but I am learning how to manage the low/bad times and compensate it with the one ones.
LIFE is worth living, fighting for, and being grateful for all the people we have with us, and the small things that bring us happiness and joy. I am saying this as a respond to a post Victoria from the sfgirl blog did last week, where she reflects on the subject of “the so perfect life we tend to see out there on the Internet”.  Just to say that my life is far from being perfect, and that is ok, I would say, it is an interesting, exciting and ever changing experience…
I forgot to say how much fun it was to put together the decorations, the paper party cups and pom-poms  are from papermash. And my ever growing collection of tea cups, sources, tea post, jars, you name it…looked great!
Photos by Sian and myself

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  1. Lovely to read about your party Margarita – and a belated Happy Birthday! I love your blog and really enjoy reading about your creative process. I relate to your issues of being far from home, but I'm happy for you that you have good friends around you in London. Hope you're enjoying the Spring sunshine (at last!) xxx

  2. Alicia 11 years ago

    felicidades!!! Todas las fotos son preciosas.

  3. Felicidades Margarita!! la fiesta tiene un aspecto increíble y las tartas también, qué fantásticos son tus amigos 🙂

  4. Thanks girls, I am glad you liked the party photos, it was so nice to have all my friends with me and being able to celebrate it in style…managed to tide up the house yesterday but man I was so tired…

  5. v 11 years ago

    happy belated birthday! i really enjoy revisiting your blog lately…have a great weekend!

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