Talking about inspiring spaces…

Talking about inspiring spaces…
17 July, 2011 Chocolate Creative
Browsing the inspiring portfolio of photographer, Ditte Isager, found this interesting studio space and home of Architects and designers, Roman & William, a good example of what I was saying in my early post, I can spend hours looking and studding these photos, do you happen to have the same fascination about people’s work spaces and homes??

(photos by Ditte Isager)

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  1. I love the big windows in the second to last photos. And I love that they have some form of brown sheepskin on their sofa. My grandmother always had that. She lived on the country side and heated her house through a little fire place. So it could get quite cold, but the sheepskin would keep us warm (as well as the tea or hot chocolate she would serve us).

  2. Lobe the huge windows, the muted light and the plants

  3. I Love the furry couch it looks cozy!=)

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