12 December, 2013 Chocolate Creative
Last month I had the opportunity to take part in and event called ‘Fashion&Friends’, back in Gran Canaria, where I am from. I was invited to give some lectures on creative enterprises, and the hows and dos of how to run your own independent design brand/company. As a preview of what was happening, 4 designers were invited to a magazine program on our local TV channel, to talk about the upcoming event and to tell a bit about our own work. Needless to say that the 4 of us were very nervous. I have never appeared on TV and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to speak at all, but funny enough we all did very well haha…In the photo above, Charlie de Navarro, Ana Yaiza, Maisu and myself. 

There are certain things that makes me truly happy, and are very close to my heart, Being invited to be part of this event and have the opportunity to share my knowledge with people from my home town, who are starting and want to pursue a creative career, has been a very rewarding experience. GRACIAS to everybody for making me feel very welcome and loved, Antonio, Lucia and so many others for having me there, I really enjoyed it, despite of being a very stressful and busy week, over 30 degrees, 2 planes, and a full on event!

I met Ana Yaiza, at the TV make up room, she was very friendly and chatty, I din’t know her work, but hey she knows how to sew!! Love her new range of bags with the wooden handle. 
Charlie de Navarro, yes look closer, they are not photographies but real drawings! that is what I call a talentent illustrator/artist eh? Charlie’s work is based on fashion photos he find in editorial, etc…he is as charming as his work, young, cute and a promising artist! 

Maisu, from Tenerife, (where I was born), is the designer behind Va de Vivas, a brand focused on designing and making bags for an urban life.

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  1. Me encanta!!! Cuánto talento junto!!!

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