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  • Feb282014


    Time to finish what I started years and years ago. My first ever drawings at Kew Garden, while studying Textiles…

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  • Apr202012

    British illustration by Alice Potter

    I have been meaning to draw my cat Missi for quite sometimes, but I must admit I am not very…

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  • Aug242009

    Beautiful drawings by The parasol magazine editor

    Very simple but beautiful drawings, I have always liked black ink drawings, and this ones on paper doilies are very cute.…

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  • Jul122009

    Geraldine Gunning sweet work

    I met Geraldine at the first Degree Show I visited this year, at The London Communication College. She specialise in…

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  • Jun282009

    More talent {LILLI COWLEY-WOOD}

    Lilli’s work strike me for the surrealism of the images. Birds, parrots, dogs, plants, etc…they all seems to live in…

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  • Apr262009


    CHOCOLATE CREATIVE is happy to announce that it will be taking part in the Dulwich Festival Artists Open house on…

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  • Apr232009

    Studio Violet

    This is such a lovely website. Set up by a pair of Swedish illustrators, Camilla Engman and Elisabeth Dunker who…

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  • Apr222009

    New illustrations

    I’ve been experimenting with the small amount of free time I have and this is the new work I’ve made…

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