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  • Aug082014


    Hello everybody, another week has gone by and we continue to have what seems to be, one of the best…

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  • Mar082011

    Today I am inspired by Luis Kerch paintings

    It has been unusually sunny in London, still very cold for my standards, but Spring is somehow coming our way…These…

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  • May102010

    Magical work by Alexander Korser-Robinson

    Browsing the Smaller Magazine blog I found a link to Alexander Koser-Robinson‘s work, and couldn’t resist to post about his…

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  • Mar072010

    ART e-course by Amelia Critchlow

    Would you like to find the natural artist in you? This is a course that will explore a variety of…

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  • Oct192009

    Amelia Critchlow beautiful art

    I met Amelia for first time last weekend at the Wandsworth Artists’ open house event, together with some other lovely…

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