Sustainable kitchen, bespoke cabinet handles and drawer knobs

Sustainable kitchen, bespoke cabinet handles and drawer knobs
3 June, 2019 Chocolate Creative

Maxine Sutton speaks about her kitchen renovation project in her new home by England’s Margate seaside.

When Maxine Sutton and her family moved into their new home, it was not just a matter of changing the town/scenery but a change in property style too. I think you will find the process they went through interesting, and what they took into consideration before starting the renovation project.

I’m glad that Maxine agreed to send some photos of the space. Some customers are very creative, and surprise me with solutions I wouldn’t have thought about. Many people know what they want pretty much from the beginning, and some need a bit of guidance when choosing the right handles and designs for their kitchens.


Designing the new kitchen 

Why did you choose your current kitchen brand? And have you added bespoke pieces?

I was researching sustainable kitchen products and read about a brand new recycled door IKEA had just launched called Kungsbacka, which they developed in collaboration with FORM US WITH LOVE.

It re-uses plastic bottles and recycled wood pulp. We felt IKEA kitchens had developed and improved such a lot since our children were at home. For a budget kitchen they feel so robust now. It would be fantastic if IKEA continues to put money towards sustainable design and research so we can enjoy both great value and more eco designs.

Bespoke kitchen cupboards and handles

As the space is so open plan we wanted to be able to hide the toaster and kettle etc when not in use, so our carpenter (who did most of the kitchen fitting and the re-furb works at the house) has built a new tall larder cupboard with full height sliding doors. It was his suggestion we went for large sliding doors and we love this part of the kitchen now – it breaks up the IKEA units and we have used the large bespoke chocolate creative semi circle handles, which are a favourite feature.

Modern kitchen cabinets

Did you design the space yourself or employ an interior designer?

We both work creatively and have to think about surface, colour and 3d spaces often in our work (my partner designs interpretative spaces and 3D exhibitions for the museum and heritage sector at designmap). So we were happy to go ahead on our own. Though it is very time consuming – so I can 100% see that employing a really good interior designer would be great if the budget allowed.

Drawer knobs and kitchen tiles

When looking for the kitchen cabinet handles and drawer knobs, what were your priorities?

We wanted some handmade elements and the kitchen to have a crafted feel with natural materials and processes wherever possible. So we were careful to select the handles, tiles and worktops to have a more bespoke feel.

Kitchen cabinet handles

Why did you choose chocolate creative handles and knobs? 

We loved the shapes and materials and we were also able to specify slightly different measurements which was important to us. Using a smaller independent business for detail and finish means you get something special.

The handles make so much difference to how the kitchen looks – it was so exciting to see the final finish and overall look when they arrived.

bespoke handles ideas(Above) Black plywood knobs and semi circle bespoke handles, both designs available at the shop online.

Maxine’s choices of design, materials, colours and accessories for her new kitchen have resulted in a contemporary, spacious and functional space in keeping with the Mid-century style of the property. I love the simplicity of the design and layout, and how well the plywood knobs match IKEA sustainable black cabinets.

Kitchen counter Kitchen counterPhotos by Maxine Sutton

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