At chocolate creative we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and we make our products to last. Our business model is boutique, sustainable, handmade and based around direct-to-consumer sales so that the cost, time and energy associated with traditional channels of distribution and storage are minimised. However, we do also work with some great shops around the world.

To chocolate creative sustainability is an essential element in our design and manufacturing and we make every effort to communicate the processes we follow with regards to materials, sourcing, production, and recycling in our aim to remain sustainable.


At chocolate creative we are committed to working with the best quality eco materials we can find in our local market. All the fabrics are natural linens, hemps, cottons, where possible 100% organic. We also upcycle fabrics such as old damask table linen found in second-hand shops. Water based inks, eco varnish and paint are used to produce the textiles, prints and wood products within the ranges. The strong layered Plywood Wood comes from sustainable forests (and is FSC certified).


All products are handmade in small batches. Keeping the production small makes the process sustainable as we only make what we sell. We have an environmental policy in place, we reuse and recycle as much as possible including reusing packaging materials and making the most of fabric remnants for smaller products.


We aim to create environmentally-friendly products that are timeless, hard-wearing and are objects to treasure. All our products are made in the UK and Spain using natural fabrics, water based inks and FSC certified wood.