Sunny and seaside architecture

Sunny and seaside architecture
4 January, 2012 Chocolate Creative
When I am in Gran Canaria, I live near Maspalomas beach, which is in the South coast of the island. So today went for a walk by the beach. Right now it is a bit windy for my liking, so no chances of laying on the sand, but weather is perfect for seating on a bench, listening to the waves and contemplating life pass by, or in my case read my copies of AD magazine wearing my sunglasses and in flip flops, so not complaining here, considering tomorrow I will be wearing a thick coat, hat, scarf and globes haha…
Maspalomas was build around the 60’s/70’s and was one of the first spot in the island to be developed with the tourist boom of the time. Today I took some photos of the original buildings of that period. Some have been redecorated, but most of them remain looking pretty much as it must have been at the time. Love the typography/names made of iron at the front of the apartments and houses. Very Seventy’s and kish, reminds me of Miami and Palm Springs.  
I dream with owning one of this apartments one day, hardly any of them go on sell, and if they do, they are at prohibit prices, but I guess I can keep dreaming and maybe one day… I love the architecture, simple and square shapes, the materials: cement, stones, wood and plenty of white, surrounded by cactus, palms and by the beach. 
Just wanted to show you what is inspiring me at the moment, have you been in Maspalomas? 

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  1. Arquitecture from the 70's is soo great looking!

  2. Hace tantísimos años que no voy a Gran Canaria que es como si no la conociese…. pero, esa última casa es tan común de una época en todas las islas….. es una arquitectura que me encanta…. a mi también me gustaría tener una así…


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