24 June, 2013 Chocolate Creative

Hello sunny Monday, nice weekend? I hope it was as nice as it was for me. Last night we celebrated the beginning of Summer, according to our Spanish tradition “La noche de San Juan (Bonfires of Saint John)”, with a gorgeous full moon, dancing on the beach, and making wishes.

And as Summer is upon us, the way we do things, live, dress and eat change according to the warmer weather, and longer days (hoping to get some of this on my return to London). I have been wanted to share with you all, my friends’ new business in Barcelona, Mr Frank and the Butis. This new venture is a mobile food catering idea in the form of a van, that sells in a very stylist way the culinary concept of eating the traditional butifarras, a delicious Catalan Sausage, but HELLO in very new and fun way.

I met Pilar, (pictured above) many many years back at Uni, when we were studying graphic design in Barcelona. She is a top designer, and you can tell by the great image they have created for Mr Frank. I love the brand they have designed around the product. The name, the graphics, the typography, the clothing, van, packaging, etc…Not only they have looked after the product’s quality, but the presentation, which is equally important. Follow them in facebook, to find out where they will be next, you can find them at music events, etc…If you are in Barcelona and are looking to add some style and fun to your event, get in touch with them, I am sure you will love it, where for me, I am hoping to get my teeth in 1 or 2 of this butifarras as soon as I am in Barcelona, hopefully this year. 
Love the sunny photos, and the style, I hope to be eating one of the butifarras very soon…
Well done Pilar and Natxi, and good luck with Mr Frank!

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  1. Precioso proyecto, precioso ambiente!

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