25 November, 2009 Chocolate Creative
I want to celebrate with you all the 3rd Aniverssary of Sublime magazine, the first nternational sustainable lifestyle magazine. When my dear friends Damian and Laura started this publication 3 years ago, I knew they were on the right track, the title, the look, and best of all the content!! Every time I get a new copy in my hands, I get this sense of hope in our future and planet, as I learn about all this amazing people and organisations that, around the globe are doing their best to keep our planet going. It shows that we can make a difference and preserve our beautiful world by making compromises in our lifestyle and spreading the word of a greener and more sustainable life, so what are you waiting for??
This is just a brief example of what the magazine has to offer, definitely a publication worth to be red and look at…You won’t be disappointed!!

I am so pleased to see one of my cushions in their selection of Xmas gifts!!. The photo shoot took place in the Eco-age shop in Chiswick, London.
Beauty editor: Jenny Page; styling: DS, Io Takemura, Iki Chen; photography: David Wilman

In this current issue you can find a very interesting article about Summer Rayne Oakes, and her beginning as a champion of the environment and achievements in making the ecological topics to be part of the social and media agenda.

Photography: Lindsay Adler, stylist: Anna Katsanis

Laura is very good at spotting new talents and choosing fashion pieces that set a trend and look forward into the future.

There is something in this photos that reminds me of the Pre Raphaelite…
paintings, Photographer: Diego Indraccolo; stylist: Kay Korsh

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  1. Amelia 14 years ago

    Yummy, and well done, your cushion looks fabulous! So glad I have one too!


  2. great to meet you on Saturday too!
    and when I looked at your blog, I realised I'd been looking at your cushions just the other week! I think they are fab! 🙂

    Caroline x

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