12 October, 2015 Chocolate Creative
Part of my job at chocolate creative, involves styling and art directing the photoshoot of the products I design. We normally take the photos at my house, as it is where the business was based up until last year, and it is where I have some interesting props and pieces of furniture. I enjoy this part of my work very much as it can be challenging and creative, but as usual, its subject to budget, space and time, although one day I hope to have a bigger space where to take the photos, but for the time being I make the most of it, I guess that is a skill too…
These photos were taken by Piero Pierini, and are of the latest range of bespoke handles and knobs I stock on my shop online. When designing I always think of myself as the potential customer, (maybe not a good idea), but if I don’t see the practical use of a product or I like it visually I won’t be able to produce it. Having creative freedom was the main reason I started chocolate creative, I tend to have a lot of ideas that never see the light, for production cost reasons or luck of time, but this process keeps me happy and motivated to carry on.

The bespoke handles, knobs and hooks can be used in many ways, to hold curtains, to finish custom made wardrobes, to storage scarfs, hats, coats, etc…in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. I am hoping to get some photos of my customers to show in here very soon, I find very interesting to see how people use the products.

Photos by Piero Pierini

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