Strictly Not High Street Fair – Norwich

Strictly Not High Street Fair – Norwich
16 May, 2009 Chocolate Creative

I’ve just bought the most beautiful cushion from a textile artist called Su Owen she’s exhibiting at the Strictly Not High Street event on today and tomorrow at the Forum in Norwich. Not to be confused with (also fantastic) it is a 2 day selling event for local artists and designer makers organised by jewellery designer Lisa Angel

I absolutely love the attention to detail, the edging, colour and stitching! beautiful..

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  1. il est magnifique, quelle belle composition!

  2. Jenn 15 years ago

    Thats beautiful. Good find 🙂

  3. That is really really gorgeous! Such great finding. Have a lovely merry week ahead!

  4. Su 15 years ago

    Thanks for visiting my stall in Norwich last weekend, it’s so good to get support and appreciation from like minded textile junkies : )

  5. Su 15 years ago

    B.T.W I love all the stuff on your blog and have put a link to it on my website : )

  6. Great! Thanks Su, everyone loves your cushion, dolet us know about anynew work so I can update the blog and I’ll add your site to our favourites. Kx

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