Old Spitalfields Antique Market

Old Spitalfields Antique Market
27 August, 2011 Chocolate Creative
Well, back to reality, Gassy is gone back home, Summer is almost ending, and I have to focus on work, because I want to and as a way to avoid thinking too much how hard is to have a boyfriend who lives in another country, (4 hours flight from London), not so bad, as he is from my home town, Gran Canaria, but still so far away….We visited Spitalfields antique’s market last Thursday, and he totally loved it. We are even thinking of having a stall ourselves to sell all the stuff we like and keep collecting, well that is if he chooses to come and live in London with me haha…My favorite stall was run by two girls who had the most curious stuff, loved the wood games, cards, stamps, etc…they displayed the items so well and make you want to buy them all, if I only have a bigger house. The market is stuffed with all sort of things, from old frames, taxidermy, pottery, paper goods, I trully recommend a visit, although prices are much higher than in other markets, well you are in the city after all.

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  1. one of my favorite spots too in London ! Thanks for sharing these nice pictures.

  2. I think I would love it there!

  3. Geri 13 years ago

    Ya nos acreditamos para 100% 🙂

  4. I've never been! but now I certainly want to go!! xxx

  5. Hola Margarita, me encanta tu blog y ya te sigo. Tengo que confesarte que das mucha envidia porque yo tambien viví en Londres y me arrepiento cada dia de haberme vuelto a Gran Canaria, tu que has logrado hacer realidad tus sueños en esa ciudad tan complicada no cometas el mismo error y no dejes que nadie te haga creer que estárás mejor aquí, aunque eches de menos a tu familia y amigos, ellos siempre estarán por tí donde quiera que estés, a tu novio, bueno, si no se va a Londres contigo (los Canarios por lo general están muy apegados a esto, playita y carnaval y eso les basta) solo te aconsejo desde mi experiencia que no dejes de hacer lo que te gusta y estar donde tu quieres por "nadie" porque nadie va a vivir tu vida mejor que tu. Ánimo y suerte en todo lo que hagas, de corazón. (No hace falta que lo publiques, solo quería que conocieras mi opinión sobre tu comentario) Un saludo de otra Canaria desarraigada. 😉

  6. Oh hey, that's my stall – so glad you liked it!

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