Some Twitter tips

Some Twitter tips
20 December, 2011 Chocolate Creative

I am still learning how to make the most of twitter, and found this tips, maybe they can help you too. By the way follow me on Twitter at: choco_creative

Some Twitter Tips: 
• @ symbol before a name (e.g. @Home_London) – refers to another Tweeter and provides a live link to their Twitter account
• #followfriday / #FF – a weekly opportunity to recommends other Tweeters to follow. This helps you get other followers
• # symbol before a word or several words without spacing (e.g #design or # Home_London) – creates a label or a topic by which other search for relevant Tweets
• RT – Retweet someone else’s message e.g. “RT @Home_London Can’t wait to visit Home 2012

Good marketing tips from the Biz Ladies over at Designsponge.

Learn lost about social media at we are social, love them!

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  1. Great tips.
    I´ll go and follow you on twitter and facebook.

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