24 October, 2009 Chocolate Creative

I don’t know how you get to spend your Saturdays, but mine are about cleaning, tidying up, washing, shopping for food, cooking, etc…by the afternoon I am so tired and of course have to get ready to meet my dear friends, which sometimes have to say not to, due to my body and brain exhaustion…Ideally I would love to dedicate the weekend to my textiles and blog, and hang around with my mates…Today it has been a little different I decided to move my bedroom to the spare room and have the studio in the bigger room so I have more space to work!!

Here are a few photos of my new bedroom, smaller but cosier, and full of things I like, such as the little wood carved deer from Caravan, Amelia’s art, a poster of a movie I love, a knitted blanket my mother made for me, a gorgeous french mirror, a few vintage finds from different shops and market around London…Well, job done!! so now can get some food and ready to meet my friends later on, as it should be. Nice weekend to all!!

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  1. Amelia 15 years ago

    Love it!!!

    Please invite me round to see!!



  2. Amelia u are invited any time!! In fact I want to organise a tea afternoon, let you know soon!!

  3. Amelia 15 years ago

    Hi there,

    my email is:

    Look forward to hearing from you!


  4. this looks great!

  5. so beautiful, i love the feel of these images – and i covet that lamp!

  6. i must admit that your room is rather nice and cozy!

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