Rescuing old pieces and hunting down bargains

Rescuing old pieces and hunting down bargains
16 February, 2012 Chocolate Creative
Who doesn’t like to come across a good bargain? Well I certainly do. Let me tell you the story behind these photos. They were taken last year at my boyfriend’s house back in Gran Canaria. Before we met, he would not think twice about a piece of furniture, or had any interest in interiors, furniture, decorating, vintage, etc…practical Ikea would do for him. But since being together, the poor man have learned about blogs, magazines, interiors, etc…and now wish he could have stayed in the dark or his luck of knowledge. 
When I first went to his town/house he showed me around their houses, garages etc…and I could not believe my luck when I saw, in a corner of a huge warehouse, the industrial desk, full of dust and forgotten about it. Soon after I told him the value of it and how lovely it was, the poor desk went to his new empty house, and now sits proudly in his living room. The same with the old pine table, that was left in a hut, the french light spot found in a dark room, the chair, etc…I just added some of my prints, a tree branch I found in the local beach and some of my personal belongings.
I am sure I will keep finding more treasures, I just hope he does not mind me bringing them home, well to his place really…
(photos Margarita)

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  1. Ese tipo de desk metálico, tipo banco viejuno, son impresionantes……


  2. i love finding little treasures hidden away in garages & lofts….have just finished my little study using old floorboards to make a desk top, reupholstered an old chair with a vintage table cloth & am now hunting around my parents garage for all the other bits & pieces

    by the way, i love my wall to wall desk, but there's something so lovely about old industrial desks..enjoy


  3. It does look really nice!! Lucky him that has you teaching him to appreciate good stuff.

  4. Kate 12 years ago

    Wow that's excellent, what a simple clean working place!

  5. John 12 years ago

    Really great work, thanks for the post.


  6. Chris 12 years ago

    Love this, great work!

  7. The black and white photos are my favourite.

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