A relaxed and gorgeous weekend…

A relaxed and gorgeous weekend…
11 April, 2011 Chocolate Creative
Back from a peaceful, relaxed and gorgeous weekend, I have spent the last two days in the remote and quiet town of La Aldea de San Nicolas, a small town far far from the rest of the world. Ate fresh fruit collected straight from the land, fresh fish by the beach, did a lot of walking, went to a hidden beach, etc…I wish I could bring some of this with me back to London, the feeling of total calm, and peace that I feel when I am here, the tranquility and simplicity of its people and landscape, which is every dry and moon like, with its endemic plants, birds, lizards, etc…I totally love London, but I appreciate this so different part of my life/culture that I get to live when back home in Gran Canaria.
Do you have a favorite place where to scape and recharge batteries??

Daises outside my hubby’s house, (my name, margarita, means daisy in English), I got a very nice surprise when I saw them in his front garden, not that he planted them, apparently they grew from nowhere, which is even more surprising…

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  1. Hola!!! Gracias por tus cariñosos mensajes en mi blog ;=) Y perdona que no te contestase antes, es que ando de cabeza!!! Me encanta tu blog, creo que ya te lo dije y es que se nota muuucho que eres alegre y positiva! Eso me gusta.
    Me alegro de que disfrutases en canarias!!! Qué gozada!!
    Un besito

  2. Hola Margarita! Your holiday sounds so beautiful and relaxing. It is getting so cold and rainy here, I can't wait to escape to warmer sunnier places later this winter! Your break away sounds so wonderful.

  3. Geri 13 years ago

    Hola Marga ,,, Feliz Cumpleaños!! … se nota que la estas pasando divino! que vistas, que frutas!!! … perfect setting para celebrar un año mas de vida!! … besitos! Have lots of fun!!! xxx

  4. jajaja marga parecemos el grupo de amigas de toda la vida tienes a mi tia y a geri en el blog, me encanta!!!! El blog es un pequeño pueblecito 🙂 Epero que disfutes muchísimo en tu isla con tu chico, y si pasas por madrid podemos tomar un cafetin en Federica! En vivo gana 🙂 besitos

  5. por cierto si montas algo así colaboramos 🙂

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    I had a lot of fun putting it together maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.

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