Recycling old furniture

Recycling old furniture
21 December, 2010 Chocolate Creative
All started with these pieces of wood…Give me an empty space and a few old pieces and I get all excited about it! I can’t help it, I do have it in my blood haha…My friend Gassy recently finish building his new house in the West side of the island, in a small town near the beach surrounding by amazing mounting and landscape – lucky boy – and need it some help with the decorating, all he did was a few trips to Ikea and that was it!!

Over this past few months we been talking about decorating his space and recycling some old pieces that he had in different warehouses around the property, things he has never pay attention to, and that as soon as I laid my eyes on , saw their real potential. A very old table, that has seen better days, an amazing french spot light that used to belong to a cinema, an old chair, and a few of my etchings, and what a difference!

Sometimes we think we need to spend a great deal of money to decorate our homes, but all we need is, some imagination, a good eye to rescue old pieces, and time and dedication to the project!!

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  1. me encantan tus comentarios, feliciana! qué suerte haber podido llegar con tiempo, y poder oler la playa… lo necesito!!!!

    disfruta mucho de tu isla, y muy muy feliz navidad!!!!

  2. Amelia 13 years ago

    I totally agree! I have things pulled out of skips, sewn, painted and generally hand-made and it's so much fun too!

    Wishing you a very merry christmas and wonderful new year.


  3. i love vintage furniture and recycling them
    but my hubby doesnt..
    so i'm starting of making my home office room
    into a personal "museum" of my own!

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