Real photography or 3D modeling?

Real photography or 3D modeling?
23 February, 2012 Chocolate Creative
SUN is out!!! I could not believe it when I woke up this morning and saw how sunny and warm it was. Lately I have been feeling very tired and irritated, the luck to natural light and cold weather is catching up with me. Each year it became more obvious that I am not made for this weather…so today is being a very welcome sunny day, I just being in the park, wearing my sunglasses and having a relaxed walk, surely is not going to stay like this for much longer so lets make the most of it, and wish for more days like this…
I am in love with these photos, real or 3D modeling? There are some talented people out there and Bertrand, the author of these 3D modeling shoots is one of them. Not only he has achieved a very real and cosy look, but the choice of furniture, styles and colours are all excellent and come together in the photos very well. In my opinion he has created the perfect space. You can see more of his amazing work at his BBB3viz blog. 

(images via BBB3viz)

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