Re-branding, a desperate designer…

Re-branding, a desperate designer…
10 April, 2012 Chocolate Creative
Hello hello, I am Marga, a desperate designer by now…I can’t look at these logos any longer. I am re-branding chocolate creative, and designing the new logo, website, and blog, but man, I am finding it very difficult. I rather work for someone else than for myself. I would like to keep the logo, simple, and just play with the typography, and save the chocolate bombom elements for decorating the site, blog etc…As the products are handmade, I like the handmade quality fonts, but love the cleaner and fresher swiss font too. Since the collections are quite busy and full of colour I feel the logo has to be mono-crone and simple, not to clash with the products, and be adaptable to all the uses. My favorite so far is the 3th choice, but can not make my mind up, and the developer needs to have it by today. 
PLEASE any feedback on these logos would be very very welcome, I need an honest opinion. Thanks from a nearly gone mad designer…

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  1. It´s a hard decission, although I think I like the third and fourht most!

  2. yep, third or fourth for me too.

  3. 3,5,4…in that order – fast answer – first impression. Not easy, though.

  4. Yes, I think the worst thing to do as a designer is to work for you! Your choise is a good one, but I also like number 9, the first of two lines logo. What happen if you apply the font for handmade homewares not it capital letters?

    Good luck with the logo, take it easy… as the poster says "keep calm and carry on"!


  5. Thanks for the comments and in facebook, it does help me a lot to decide what logo to go for.

  6. I'm not a designer but like the top right and the one right below it with the sweet wrapper 🙂

    This is going to be soooo difficult for you!!

  7. Anonymous 12 years ago

    Hola Marga, the one with the rectangle with the bite out of it looks great, LOVE that font, also the one above it and beside it with the shapes. Kate xxxxx

  8. Ben 12 years ago

    Did you decide? I like the one with the yellow box with the little corner taken off, three down in the left hand column… Good luck with your redesign – we're doing a similar thing at the moment, there's only so long you can stare at the same designs for!

  9. Here's my little chip: numbers 3 and 4 work best for me – perhaps 4 the most, as it brings in a bit of colour and pulls everything nicely together. The font of 3 is more childlike (I might be prejudiced as I use it in mine for that reason) so perhaps that's another consideration to choose 4 over 3. Can't wait to see where it will al go : ) Nice meeting you at Sania Pell's book launch yesterday!

  10. Anonymous 12 years ago

    nice idea.. thanks for sharing..

  11. Scott 12 years ago

    They are different indeed but honestly they all look the same, in a way. I would choose the one on the left, with yellow. But I think you should try some other designs.

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