Quirky locations

Quirky locations
12 January, 2010 Chocolate Creative
I normally like very white relaxed places, specially for living, but find myself equally excited about quirky, dark, decayed spaces like this ones, specially for lounging with friends, or going for shows. One of my most amazing experiences has been seeing Faust, production from Punch Drunk, that happened in a vast mysterious warehouse in East London. I keep discovering this atmospheric places, I hope they can be visited, I would love to wonder around them, but not on my own haha… fancy to come along with me?
Movies such as Vendetta and The phantom of the Opera, could have been easily filmed in the following locations, which I found while browsing the Fresh Locations website.



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  1. Wow…amazing.

    At first glance I thought they were all pictures of abandoned buildings! Can't get over that look of decomposing spaces.


  2. Amelia 14 years ago

    welcome back!!! I'll come with you!

    Happy New Year and I hope you are well.


  3. Mlù 14 years ago

    It's a great idea! To find the right location for movie happenings. I love decayed spaces too. In Italy we have a lot. Some years ago I found a marvellous place, near naple. The decayed castle of one of the most ancient italian family: De Medici. It's perfect for a movie or a theatrical performance.

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