Preparing for 100% Design fair in London

Preparing for 100% Design fair in London
8 September, 2011 Chocolate Creative
As many of you know, in a couple of weeks, I will be launching chocolate creative at 100% Design fair. What I mean by launching, I mean having a presence in a major show for the first time since I started the company back in 2008. Up to now, chocolate creative have been selling, mainly online, in small independent shops in the UK and Europe and at some craft fairs/markets and small design shows. So being at one of the most important and relevant design fairs in the country as part of the London Design Festival, makes me very happy but, I would lie if I say that I am not terrified at the same time. I admire British people in a way for always being so correct/diplomatic and keeping their fears, self doubts and negative comments for themselves. I try very hard to copy some of that, but me being Spanish from head to toe can not help but express what is really happening in my heart and mind right now. I sometimes being advised of not saying the true/complain when it comes to having bad experiences at certain shows, where I have spent 4 days of my life to make £50, or freeze to death in a Xmas market where people won’t even look at the products. But hey I am way to honest not to mention it in here, we all have up and downs, good and bad experiences, and that is what makes this life worth living and fight for our dreams and goals.
So with a few weeks to go before the show start, with my house/studio being a total mess, and my work in process, can not help but feel overwhelmed with doubts and fear, but lucky and appreciative of the opportunity I have created for myself to work on something I am totally passionate about and have the supportive network of amazing friends who are going through similar experiences and family who is always there for me, and now boyfriend who not only makes me very happy but has helped to develop the new product, the wooden hooks/knobs. So I leave you with some photos of my messy desk and house, it makes laugh to show these photos, (clean laundry on top of the recent painted piece, tools spread all over, paper work to deal with, etc…) as I always make sure that my house appears clean, tidy and very styled haha…here you have the true and honest picture of chocolate creative headquarter!!

By the way if you are in London this weekend do not miss the craft tail as part of the Thames festival, along Southbank, my friends from the crafty pint would be there among other amazing designers/makers.

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  1. jaja muero! es un desastre! pero del todo comprensible cuando uno tiene varios proyectos en marcha, y mas en tu caso, que supone un despliegue de material. Yo te auguro mucho éxito en ese festival!

  2. Bueno, también tiene su encanto, jajajaja…. no, no, prefiero las otras fotos…. si es que hay veces que es imposible tener orden, imposible…

  3. Good on you! Looking forward to seeing your stand on your blog! You have beautiful creations.

  4. love the little drawers, so cute and great post by the way…good luck with everything:)

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