Philippa Leith’s birds fantasy

Philippa Leith’s birds fantasy
19 July, 2009 Chocolate Creative
Philippa’s work is full of small details, old letters, postcards, drawings, cut out beautiful shapes in the form of flowers, leaves, mushrooms, butterflies…

In her own words…I am passionate about drawing and I am inspired by nature, colour and texture. I create handcrafted, delicate shapes and forms and I also like to include the intricate and the detailed.

The point of departure for my graduate collection was British birdlife, yet this soon evolved to include salvaged un-wanted treasures, illuminating their whimsical beauty in delicate collages.

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  1. Jenn 15 years ago

    Amazing work, love it.

  2. Rachel 15 years ago

    how delicate and lovely.

  3. that plate is just adorable! i love your blog…..thanks for leading me to it with your lovely comment on mine. in love with everything in your shop too!…i see you are in peckham…i used to live in the sham (lewi-sham!)…in friendly cottage on friendly st…and worked in choumert mews on choumert rd in peckham!…back in dublin now …but brought friendly cottage back with me obviously! sharon

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