The perfect balance – Montes+Mujica shop

The perfect balance – Montes+Mujica shop
8 April, 2011 Chocolate Creative
These photos from interiors shop Montes+Mujica in el Pais Vasco, represent the perfect balance I like to achieve when it comes to decorating. I was browsing an old copy of Nuevo Estilo magazine and found myself again and again hooked on this images, more in the online version of the magazine. The right mix of industrial lighting, old pieces, art, white big sofas, more contemporary pieces and plenty of light. Perfect!!

(photos from Nuevo Estilo)

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  1. Love the gorgeous duck egg blue cabinet

  2. Hi Margarita. I can't remember how I got here .. how I found your blog – but glad I did. Also, I just read your 'why i blog' post from last month and found it to be honest, well written (and I can't remember seeing any typo's so your English must be pretty good).
    I too need to start promoting my stuff on my blog – but find it hard to make that jump. I see other blogs promoting their work/products heavily and sometimes I found it a bit 'too much'. Your blog is perfectly balanced (and love the things you post on) so you are a bit of an inspiration (or at least 'guide') for how I can start the big change.
    Good luck with business for 2011 (-:

  3. Geri 13 years ago

    Hola! .. pues si! .. un clima espectacular! … Bueno, se que es tu cumple pronto, pero no se cuando! 🙂 … si ya ha pasado, seguro que te lo pasaste bomba!

    Si no! .. avisame para felicitarte en el día correcto!

    Besitos y que disfrutes mucho de u isla 🙂 xxx

  4. A mi tambien me gusta como respira! Qué ganas tengo de volver a Canarias, disfruta mucho de tus días allí!!!! Y date un bañito por nosotros 🙂 Miles de besitos y feliz día!!!

  5. pure gorgeousness!

  6. Itzi 13 years ago

    Que geniales fotos!!!! unos ambientes preciosos

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