6 March, 2013 Chocolate Creative
Browsing the great studio8940 blog, I came across these very nice images from the Finish magazine Kotivinkki, and since I am working on some new ideas I thought I would share them, as they have inspired me to put together a colour scheme for the new designs. I am in love with the turquoise metal table, the light shades of pink, and the mix of geometric and flowers patterns. I am a big fan of mixing patters, colours and textures. I like interiors that have different layers of elements and materials to it, 
I don’t really believe in seasons for the interiors or even in fashion. As a designer of handmade products, I want to believe that what you buy from my shop will stay in your home for many years to come, and it will be used in different ways, by mixing it with new things, and furniture as time pass. So in my very humble opinion I say this, as I am getting a bit tired of seeing AW (Autumn/Winter) and SS (Spring/Summer) all over. I myself sometimes feel the pressure of going along with what press or clients will expect from a designer, but I will stay true and loyal to my philosophy of designing products for the homes regardless of the season.

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  1. I love your blog and style!<3

  2. Hi Margarita!

    Lovely blog, and thanks for the heads up!

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