{papermash} heaven tapes and stationary…

{papermash} heaven tapes and stationary…
7 December, 2009 Chocolate Creative

Fancy some DIY craft project?? get creative with this Papermash Snowflake votives craft project, designed by Olivia Kanaley.

I really like the choice of stationary related products this online shop has to offer, they have been carefully and tastefully selected and are sourced from independent designers specialising in artisan techniques, such as woodcut printing and letterpress.

Snowflake votives craft project, which I will have a go at myself…


Beautiful Doilies…

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  1. Hi, pleased to meet you

    loving this blogg

    Come pay a visit some time

  2. Lynne 15 years ago

    Thanks so much for posting about my shop. Glad you like it.

  3. oh you find such goodies…e l k

  4. Cassie 15 years ago

    I love papermash too! Lynne has amazing taste in papergoods.

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