28 May, 2014 Chocolate Creative
Hello everybody, since I last posted in here, I have been working on some new products and looking at how to go back to printmaking. I am getting more and more requests for some of my old prints, which I hardly show as this work is previous to chocolate creative.
I miss printing, specially etching, it is hard work, but very rewarding. I am printing some new big format prints silk screen, but I wish I could have access to a printmaking studio near me so I could carry on with my previous work. The main issue I have is TIME, where do I get it from? I run my little business on my own, and I am stretching myself to the limit sometimes. 
When people ask me what I do, sometimes I don’t know how to refer to myself, as I work across so many disciplines, I guess I am a graphic designer (I still work on some magazine/books/branding projects), who studied Fine Art, specialised in Graphics, carry on with printmaking, and textiles studies, make and sell home-wares and art, oh well I guess I am a designer with a bit of everything…Oh and I forgot I am a business woman too, haha…!! 
I am selling some of my original prints, only a few left, as I sell them privately through friends and open houses. If you are interested or see anything you like, get in touch via email, (contact details on my website). Some are small scale, and I only have 1 left of the big one in B&W. Prices goes from £30 to £150.
I like the B&W look, but not necessarily just the minimalists look that comes with it, I like to introduce some pieces of wood and vintage finds to make it more homy and cosy. There are plenty of colour in my house, believe it or not!!
Photos by me 

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  1. Me siguen pareciendo maravillosos, aunque el tuyo, el que tienes en tu salón, es lo más….

  2. I love that bottom one. Ive said it before. How much is it?

  3. Hello Lou, if you are interested pls get in touch via email. It is an original mono print, just 1 left.

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