Origin Part 1

Origin Part 1
13 October, 2009 Chocolate Creative

It was great! That’s all..an absolute joy to be in London again and see so many inspiring designers. I know times are hard at the moment for small businesses which is all the more reason to visit and buy, buy, buy from these hard working people. I for one am very grateful that they keep on making interesting, thought provoking work.

Here are just two of my favourites from last week, more to follow….

Smith and Coates, totally unique, recycled knitwear which had a previous life as adult jumpers, now felted and made into stunning children’s clothes. The are next exhibiting at

Made09 Brighton
Brighton Horticultural Halls
November 19th – 22nd

Homeworks Christmas Sale
20th Century Theatre, Notting Hill
November 26th – 29th

Check out the Homeworks Blog too

Teresa Clark’s beautiful collected objects caught my eye too, each one seeming to tell a story, she’s a natural magpie and it comes as no surprise that her background is in production design.

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  1. subtle and delicate but with rich layers (sounds like a good red wine), but just lovely work

  2. Glad you liked my work and delighted to see it on your gorgeous blog. Do come visit…

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