Niemeyer museum in Niteroi, Brazil

Niemeyer museum in Niteroi, Brazil
22 August, 2009 Chocolate Creative
Hello from Peckham, I am at home, bored to the limit, (even my cat had enough of me)…Have spent the past week mainly indoors due to a nasty flu, that have kept me away from work and the things I like doing, like the blog, my cushions, the craft fair Kate and me were doing today and have to canceled, etc…I am here trying to get some inspiration going, but my head is not clear and my body is sore all over, so I have spent the past hour looking at my personal photo album, and found this photos from my trip to Brazil a couple of years ago. This is the Niteroi Contemporary art museum in Niteroi, a city outside Rio de Janeiro. I am a big fan of Niemeyer’s work, so I couldn’t wait to visit this building, but for my surprise it was closed in preparation for a new exhibition, I begged the lady at the reception to let me in, explained I came all the way from London to see it, but wasn’t enough to convinced her…Well, at least I enjoyed the outdoors view which I have been told is the best anyway. It is an amazing piece of architecture, surrounded by water and nature. it is quite surrealist to stand next to it, you feel like in a different planet or like in a futuristic movie from the 50’s.
Aqui estoy en mi casa, aburrida como una ostra, hasta mi gato esta harto de mi!! He pillado una gripe que me ha dejado parada…aqui estoy intentando hacer cosas, pero la cabeza me da vueltas y el cuerpo me duele, asi que me he pasado la última hora mirando fotos de mi viaje a Brasil.  Soy una gan fan del arquitecto Niemeyer y de su trabajo, y no podia esperar para visitar este museo de Arte Contemporaneo en la cuidad de Niteroi. Estaba cerrado cuando fuí, pero al menos disfruté del exterior, es una pasada!! Es como estar en otro planeta o en una película de ficción de los años 50.

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  1. Adele 15 years ago

    An amazing place. It needed to be something quite significant to compete with the views behind. They are building a fantastic Art Gallery in Colchester, I think it is designed by Raphael Vinoly. Many people were opposed to it but they don't understand the importance of such a place. I think you will find it if you google firstsitenewsite.

  2. Anonymous 14 years ago

    Amazing!!! excellent pictures!

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