Nice words about my style and work at designskool

Nice words about my style and work at designskool
27 August, 2011 Chocolate Creative

designskool is a great blog full of interesting images. I really enjoy Justine’s words about the interiors that she features in the blog together with artworks, products etc…I share her views on interiors and style, and are happy to see photos of my house and Gassy’s in her site. She has created a very nice piece about my work that summarise and explain my style and decorating views very well. Her blog is worth a visit if you are interested in personal spaces lived in by creative people and much more.

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  1. She did a great feature on your home! Your home is beautiful.

  2. Geri 13 years ago

    Me encanta tu casa! … cuando Alvarito y yo nos mudemos, nos tienes que ayudar con tus ideas! 🙂
    Call me, nos tenemos que ver pronto xx

  3. Tienes una casa realmente preciosa…. felicidades…

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