12 November, 2012 Chocolate Creative

Nice weekend? I hope so, mine was good, not very busy and spent with friends. As often as I can I like taken Saturdays morning slow, specially after a busy week. There is nothing I love more than sleeping in, having a good breakfast, (not necessary a very healthy one), and get a coffee and my magazines to seat in front of my window to read and browse the pages for hours. I spend quite a bit of money of publications, I can’t help it, magazine I see and like, magazine I buy, I justify it saying it is for work. I see these magazines more like mini books, full of information that I keep coming back, gorgeous photos, inspiring articles and stories, amazing interiors and products, craft projects, etc…I have piles of them at home, both in London and Gran Canaria, and lately in Gassy’s house.

In my recent trip to Spain I had the luck of finding the Kireei magazine, a new title that focus on creative people and their business, design, illustration, children, music and much more. A magazine that started as only digital and became a printed one from the second issue. I LOVE IT!

The Simple Things magazine is another great one, sister to the Mollie Makes. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do get a copy, the current issue is a must! This two British titles are a good example of how despite the digital era taken over traditional publishing, there is still a place for printed good quality magazines. And last but not least the French magazine/book Milk. What these titles have in common is quality of content, paper, photography, entrepreneurs, and a focus on past values such as handmade, craft, being sustainable and creative around your house and life in general. Thank you magazines for existing and giving me so much joy, I will keep supporting you!.

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  1. Hola Marga!!! ¿qué tal? ¿cómo te va? acabo de volver a empezar a blogear y he visto tus novedades en la tienda, qué bonito!!!!!! son espectaculares!!! Un beso grande

  2. Por cierto el blog lo he cambiado de nombre, ahora es todo la casita de margaux 🙂 besitos!!!!

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