8 November, 2012 Chocolate Creative

I love when customers send me photos of what they do with the products they buy from my shop. I recently sold 33 hooks to a previous customer who has got a house in Ibiza, and did already buy quite a few of them, I am dying to see how she has decorated the place with some many hooks…

Jilke from the Netherlands bought some white plain hooks, which she then went on to customise with her on photo. She initially ask if I did bespoke, but I said no, simply because there is not way I could cope with bespoke services, plus the rest of things. I can see why people would like to apply their own images though, as they are very versatile. She has done a great job not just with the hook but with the nursery, don’t you think?

She makes this nice cushions of foxes and deers, find her shop at etsy
Photos by Jilke

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  1. Jilke 12 years ago

    Wow, thanks so much for the attention! Really love your blog, the customer and product photos are always very great to see for inspiration!

    much love,

  2. Its really gorgeous costume pics..your blog is so descent and we like it…Keep shearing you have done really good job..


  3. What a idea to customise your hooks like this, love the photo's of Jilke's nursery too – must check out her shop on Etsy! Thanks for sharing x

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