New site to explore creative spaces

New site to explore creative spaces
17 July, 2011 Chocolate Creative

I must admit that I have this never ending curiosity on how people live and work in their homes/studios. I find very interesting what people choose to surround their self with, their different styles and collection of furniture, loved objects etc…and how they set up their working spaces. So I was very excited when Mark Castellino emailed me about the new site, he and his colleagues are putting together. fyndester, will be showcasing creative’s houses and studios from all over the world, so if you think you got something worths shearing with the rest of the creative community, why do not pop up around the site and start uploading some photos, I have already done it, and can not wait to se it up and running!

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  1. Mark 13 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your pictures Margarita. I know you have a lovely collection of things you have acquired over the years, so I can't wait to have you upload more images soon!

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