14 January, 2013 Chocolate Creative

Still in Gran Canaria, (don’t want to think of coming back to London just yet, about to snow over there, sorry, I can’t face it just yet). One of my goals for this trip was to start drawing and thinking of new designs; I have been taken photos and thinking of cactus for a long time, in fact looking at my old sketch books from my textile studies I found my first ideas were about doing a collection about Gran Canaria: the flora, landscapes, aborigine symbols, etc…but discarded it back them as I was in London and got very influentiated by my new life and surroundings in the big smoke.

Above, my first ideas about Canarias, below some drawings I did yesterday. I went to a restaurant that has a garden with very beautiful and big cactus, sat on the floor under the sun, covered in sun-cream and enjoyed the simple exercise of drawing. Right now all I want is to draw, get inspired by my landscape, enjoy the weather, and later on I will see how can I turn all of this into a design that makes sense for fabrics, or not, I don’t want to put any pressure on what I am doing, I want to enjoy it and don’t think from the business point of view, but more as the Fine Art and Design student I once was.

La Aldea, is a medium size town surrounded by mountains and the coast, it is a dry landscape with the exception of the tomatos and banana plantations. Peaceful and quiet, from 2 to 4 all you can hear is me walking up and down the streets as everybody else is at home having lunch and naps, I run by the English timetable haha…so no naps, well only now and again haha…

Beautiful isn’t?

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  1. Amelia 12 years ago

    fabulous drawing! Well done you – look forward to seeing you soon 🙂


  2. Precioso niña!

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