12 November, 2009 Chocolate Creative

Although we haven’t even exchanged yet, I can’t help thinking of how I’m going to decorate our new home. So when I find some beautiful images I’ll share them, of course you’ll have to imagine each stunningly designed room with a jammy child’s handprint smeared across the wall/linen/sofa etc.etc..oh and countless hideous plastic toys distracting from the subtle colour combinations! Ah a girl can dream though..Kx

pics courtesy of living etc.

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  1. I can't wait to see the new house!! And of course spend sometime over in Noorwich, palying wiht Ella…

  2. hmmm..might be some time before it looks anything remotely like these photos. It could also be a while before we move in, but hopefully before junior 2 is born! x

  3. very lovely post, just the inspiration I needed today ! thank you

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